FireShop Men’s Conference

March 9th – 11th

What Is the Fire Shop Men’s Conference?

What is a real man? The Fire Shop Men’s Conference is committed to diving into the answers to this question. The world we live in has innumerable opinions about the response. However, we believe in a source that unequivocally resolves this question with bold, irrefutable truths. The answers that the Bible provides, and the guidance God supplies, deliver crystal-clear definition and direction for every man courageous enough to listen and respond. At the Fire Shop, we are on a mission to define and empower God-led masculinity for our generation. Together we know God can redefine the narrative of masculinity. He can give us the confidence and strength to face our own pain and empower us to love fiercely. We are on a mission to see men of God come to life, understanding the life we are all called to LIVE.

This gathering  will address the following topics:

March 9th – 11th


5:00 – Registration Opens / BBQ Available
6:30 – Session 1(Outside)


5:00 – BBQ Available / Outside Activities
6:30 – Session 2


9:30am – Session 3
10:45 – Break
11:00 – Session 4
12:00pm – Lunch
1:00 – Session 5